If you’ve ever dreamed of being Alice in Wonderland, then this is your wonderland – hidden spaces, quirky art and the invitation to play….experience the pleasure of your own private villa on the beach

Designed as a grown-up fix to make you smile and then laugh out loud, as you remember how holidays should feel.

Kick off your shoes the moment you arrive, and either head straight for the beach (about 10 steps from the front door), dive into the pool or collapse into the hammock and take in the view of the beach over your toes – the perfect place to enjoy a glass of chilled white wine as you watch the sunset – with our compliments.

PLAY – evoke memories by sharing favourite LP’s with your teenage kids. Beach volleyball ten steps from your hammock. Or get your ice-cream delivered to your door by the friendly vendors on the beach.

PRIVATE – the private garden gives you the privacy from the beach. Secluded outdoor dining area.

PLEASURE – from the linen, to the light, to the style that encourages you to relax in “kick off your shoes” style, without having to sacrifice luxury.

15275322 - brown sand beach with written word welcome in canary islands

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Happy couple from Bungalow 52 Cliftop Beach Cape Town South Africa